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Frequently Asked Questions

Still not sure if we can help you? Check out some of the most frequently asked questions. You can also call or write to us.

Signing up for an organized course is possible via the web portal Before the first use of the portal you must register (registration is free). You will receive a username and password on your email address, which you can use to login the portal.
In the season 2016/2017 we introduced a new system for electronic ordering rental ski equipment, which allows booking from home. At the website XXX fill in your personal details and information about the desired equipment and the date of the loan. Upon your arrival at Krvavec your equipment will be waiting for you in our rental office.
We understand that health comes first, so in such cases we try to adjust diet accordingly. In agreement with the parents of the child we prepare suitable food. If this is not possible, the child may bring the food.
Pri prijavi na tečaj smučanja starši ocenijo raven smučarskega znanja. Prvi dan tečaja smučarki učitelji preverijo to znanje in potrdijo uvrstitev v skupino oz. jih razvrstijo v manj ali bolj zahtevno. Tekom tečaja učitelji spremljajo tudi napredek in po potrebi otroka razporedijo v višjo skupino.

When registering to ski lessons, parents estimate the level of skiing skill. On the first day of the course, teachers verify this knowledge and confirm the inclusion in the group or they classify them in a more or less demanding group. During the course, teachers also monitor progress and, if necessary, the child is assigned to a higher group.

We understand that health comes first, so we understand that there can be an absence sometimes. In the event of injury or illness we pay back part of the paid course if it is declared in a timely manner. The amount of the returned money depends on the number of missing days, attendance rate is accounted for by internal price list for each day (part of the costs cannot be refunded like the weekly ski pass, organized collective transport, etc.).
All the teachers in our sports school are adequately trained and have a lot of experience in teaching. This is evidenced by the acquired professional titles awarded by each parent organization (ZUTS, SZS, NZS, Faculty of sport …) and must be renewed regularly. At your request we prove our professional qualifications of teachers by presenting cards / certificates / diplomas.
To facilitate easier organization of work, preparation of equipment and teachers for larger groups, we recommend an advance notice by telephone on 031 301 250 or by e-mail at
Our rental bikes and cycling equipment is located on Krvavec, but this is not an obstacle to rent the equipment for biking elsewhere. With a prior arrangement the acquisition of equipment is possible in Cerklje below Krvavec. But this is practiced only on rent for three or more days.
We offer ski and cycling equipment for rent. Since it is for quite adrenaline filled sport we are aware that there may be damage to equipment. After returning the equipment we check the equipment for possible damage. If it is minor damage, we arrange repairs in our service. If there is severe damage we make an agreement on the method and financing of the repairs.

To this end, we introduced a new feature in the ski season 2016/2017 – the option of insuring the equipment loaned. The price of insurance is equal to 5% of the total rent equipment. Thereby you get the equipment without worrying about who will bear the costs of any damage.

At the same time, let us note that the above applies to accidental damage to equipment. In the event of vandalism or deliberate damage to the equipment, we will charge the full value of new equipment to the accused.