Accommodation, catering and transport options

Children can be accommodated in a hotel in Krvavec, Hotel Rozka or in other accommodation options, depending on their wishes, and they will also have main meals in the mentioned accommodations. We can also organize transportation of students / children by bus or van, depending on the size of the group.

Learning to ski and snowboard (possibility to rent equipment)

Our teachers will take care of teaching skiing or snowboarding. On the first day, students / children will be divided into groups according to their previous knowledge of skiing or snowboarding, and then they will be taken over by teachers who will take care of learning, progress and communication with school teachers throughout the week. Transitions within groups will of course be possible depending on the daily progress of the students / children. Our wish is for all students / children to progress as quickly as possible.

We also offer the possibility of renting equipment that students / children receive in our courses at a reduced price.

Winter activities

Learning to ski and snowboard, hiking in the surrounding hills, night and day sledding, night torchlight hikes, ski touring, igloo construction, hidden treasure hunt, torchlight hike, dancing, borderless games, quiz, ski touring, tubing, archery , orienteering, mountain biking, guided snowshoe hills, getting to know winter animals, picnic, hike on the Dwarf winter trail, geocatching (treasure hunt with navigation), hidden treasure hunt, orienteering, scout winter day, Native American survival skills in nature in winter, performing various challenges (building a bridge from natural materials, getting to know nature, hunting skills, hit the goal, solve a puzzle, climb an obstacle, find the key to the dwarf Krvavec …

Example of a daily program

8.00-9.00 getting up,, morning hygiene, breakfast, getting ready to go skiing (clothes, pants, ..)

9.00-10.30 learning to ski / snowboard

10.30-11.00 snack

11.00-12.30 learning to ski / snowboard

12.30-13.30 lunch

13.30-14.00 rest in hotel / accommodation

14.00-15.30 learning to ski / snowboard

15.30-16.00 arrival of groups at the hotel, cleaning of ski equipment, drying of equipment, ..

16.00-16.30 snack

16.30-17.30 afternoon activity on the snow (hiking, construction of igloos, sledding, …)

17.30-18.00 cleaning of ski equipment, drying of equipment, ..

18.00-19.00 rest

19.00-20.00 dinner

20.00-21.00 evening activity (quiz, dance, board games, ..)

21.00 evening preparation for bed

21.30 sleep