Nordic Walking

Nordic Walking is a simple exercise, which strengthens the whole body.
Primarily it has a positive impact on weight loss, blood circulation, body flexibility, balance, coordination, aerobic endurance and a healthy back.
Nordic walking is suitable for all age groups because of its simplicity.
This is one of the most healthy exercises which does not require prior physical fitness it also doesn’t burden the joints.

The basic premise of this form of recreation is a normal gait which additional techniques increase efficiency. With the proper use of walking sticks we can stimulate up to 90 percent of all muscles in the body. This further strengthens the arms, shoulders and torso, which combined with proper walking or prolonged steps can be an ideal form of strengthening the entire body.


Despite the fact that Nordic walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise, it is important that it is carried out correctly. In order to avoid incorrect implementation, for which injuries often occur, it is important to learn the proper techniques. All who would like to conquer the appropriate knowledge, we invite to learn with the teachers of Nordic walking:

• learn about the various techniques of Nordic walking and learn the proper execution,
• learn about other various exercises for strengthening and stretching the muscles and
• test real Nordic poles.

We will analyze your walking technique, but above all we will have fun with good company and stretch out in the fresh air.